needs a foundation to build a future

Criteria & Qualifications

Habitat Homeowners

Homeowners are selected based on their application and two home visits, level of need, condition of their current substandard housing, willingness to partner, and ability to repay the loan. Income should be between the poverty level and 150% of the poverty level. Neither race nor religion is considered. About 12 to 18 applications are received for each house.

Habitat houses are simple, decent, and affordable and sold to partner families who have completed 300 hours of sweat equity as a down payment. Families then assume a 20-year, interest-free mortgage to Emporia Area Habitat, with average payments of $425 to $450 per month. Mortgage payments are usually less than what you may be paying for rent or substandard housing. The mortgage payment includes insurance and taxes, set aside in escrow. The payments on principal go toward expenses for the next house.

Income Guidelines

Household Size Gross Annual Income
1 $16,275 – $30,225
2 $18,620 – $34,580
3 $20,930 – $38,870
4 $23,240 – $43,160
5 $25,130 – $46,670
6 $26,985 – $50,115
7 $28,840 – $53,560
8 $30,695 – $57,005


Habitat Success Stories

Jennifer, Habitat Homeowner

“I’ve had an amazing year building my Habitat home! I can’t say thank you enough to all of the volunteers, donors and Habitat staff who are helping me accomplish the impossible dream of homeownership. We’re scheduled to close on our home right before Christmas and if the timing is right we’d love to put up…

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Lyndsay, Habitat homeowner

“If I hadn’t found Habitat, we would still be in that one-bedroom apartment. And it wasn’t the best of conditions. While constructing the house, I got to know my neighbors. We built each other’s homes, and you can’t get much closer than that. The biggest difference overall is that general sense of security. Just knowing that it’s ours and we make…

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