“I’ve had an amazing year building my Habitat home! I can’t say thank you enough to all of the volunteers, donors and Habitat staff who are helping me accomplish the impossible dream of homeownership.

We’re scheduled to close on our home right before Christmas and if the timing is right we’d love to put up our own Christmas tree and decorate the home. Being able to put up some lights and inviting family to celebrate in our new home is going to feel wonderful. I
have had so many special experiences building my home.

I’ll never forget the moment I walked inside and saw an actual door. That was when it really hit me – this house is going to be my family’s future HOME! After spending so many years worried about my finances, terrified that my landlord will raise the rent so high that we cannot afford to eat, pay for daycare, or buy a new pair of shoes for the kids… there is a huge comfort in knowing exactly how much I have to pay each month to live in this beautiful home.

It’s been so much fun bringing Liam and Finn by to see our home’s progress. They are amazed at the changes from one week to the next. Finn is really into building stuff and attempts to recreate our house with magnetic blocks at home. The boys are both so excited to start playing in the backyard and build snowmen this winter.

Thank you so much to everyone helping us build a brighter future! I find it incredible that so many different people are willing to help families like mine have a fighting chance at a better life. You are giving us stability and peace of mind that we wouldn’t have been able to accomplish alone.”